Gaming may be the future of fitness, or at least that’s what Joe Rogan recently suggested during episode 1440 of the Joe Rogan Experience, where the UFC commentator and popular podcaster interviewed Hugo Martin, a director on the upcoming DOOM Eternal. During the lengthy conversation between the two, Martin and Rogan found themselves talking about fitness, and how virtual reality could completely change the fitness world.

Rogan’s hope for the future is that video games will get to a point that players can really immerse themselves in virtual reality, which in turn would open up a whole new world of exercise. After all, nothing will get you running faster than thinking a demon is actually chasing you.

“If you had a game where you’re in a warehouse and you’re actually running for your life… demons are chasing you, you’re shooting down things, your heart rate would be jacked,” said Rogan, explaining his point.

Rogan continued:

“You could do that for an hour and get a sick workout in, and have an amazing, good time. You could get in great shape running from demons.”

Of course, if you’ve played any VR game, you’ll know the tech is nowhere near this point. And it probably won’t ever be there. However, while I’ve always doubted VR as a vehicle for gaming, it will be revolutionary for other industries. Will fitness be one of these? I’m not sure, but Rogan seems to think it’s possible.

The problem with merging fitness and VR is that you aren’t aware of your surroundings when in a virtual reality headset. And this is a big problem. While Rogan may have a big, empty warehouse to run around in, most people don’t.

Anyway, as always, feel free to drop a comment or two or 47 with your thoughts. Do you agree with Rogan? Could VR be the future of fitness or is it destined to always be a niche product?


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