Just because Motorola might return to flagship phones with its high-end Edge+ model doesn’t mean it’s forgetting its more cost-conscious fans. XDA-Developers has shared leaked photos and details that appear to confirm that a non-plus Edge model not only exists, but that it should be considerably more affordable. It’ll still have the 6.7-inch “waterfall” display with zero horizontal bezels, a speedy 90Hz refresh rate and a physically tiny 25-megapixel hole-punch camera, but it should use a mid-range Snapdragon 765 processor and ‘just’ 6GB of RAM instead of the Snapdragon 865 and 8GB of the Edge+ variant. You wouldn’t be hurting for rear camera tech between a 64MP main sensor (versus 108MP on the Edge+), a 16MP wide-angle shooter and an 8MP telephoto sensor, not to mention laser autofocusing.

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