As hard as it may be to conceive, there are worse things than being confined to your home. Like having to listen to celebrities sing along to John Lennon’s Imagine as you contemplate killing for toilet paper.

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot meant well, bless her heart, by organizing the online songfest. The problem is that many on the internet were not in the mood for treacle, and let the participants have it with both guns.

In a video first posted to Instagram, Gadot explained that she was in “day six” of her self-quarantine and “feeling philosophical” about the pandemic.

“I ran into this video of an Italian guy playing a trumpet on his balcony… He was playing ‘Imagine,’ and there’s something so powerful and pure about this video,” she says, and you can practically see the storm clouds gathering.

Gadot sings the song’s first line, with Kristen Wiig doing the next, followed by contributions from Jamie Dornan, Mark Ruffalo, Amy Adams, James Marsden, Will Ferrell, Sia, Labrinth, Pedro Pascal and Zoe Kravitz, among others.

The net’s long knives quickly came out: “Nothing like rich famous people singing “imagine no possessions” in their mortgage free homes as the rest of society queue at Lidl for broken biscuits,” said one commenter. Said another, “What if it turns out that CRINGING gives people immunity?! They’ll have saved us all!!

Watch for yourself and judge.

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