It’s another huge reveal as the unmasked celebrity is definitely one of the biggest stars on the planet — just to an entirely different demographic.

Will Arnett got so lost and confused as a guest panelist on “The Masked Singer” he actually deduced from the clues for one contestant that he was under the mask!

It was their final shot at the Super Nine for the remaining contestants of Group C and Astronaut, Night Angel and Rhino gave it everything they had. And then T-Rex came out and bounced all around the studio just trying to shed some of that wild energy.

Seriously, she has to be the most energetic person to have ever taken this stage and she never seems to run out. And yet, she’s proving about as polarizing with fans as White Tiger. She’s not the greatest singer, but she keeps advancing week after week. Could she slip into the Super Nine just like he did?

There were a lot of emotional moments throughout this night, so if you aren’t prepared to feel something while looking at a guy in a WWI-inspired fighter pilot costume with a giant rhino head, or an astronaut costume, then you’re at the wrong place.

And Night Angel continues to soar with her incredible vocals, earning a prediction from one of the panelists that she might just win the whole thing? Could she follow in the footsteps of T-Pain and Wayne Brady, becoming the first female winner of the show?

As always, the weakest performer got the boot, but we’re still going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love … to torture you.


Night Angel had the strongest voice in the group number and showed off her strength and range on The Isley Brothers’ “Shout.” It was an effortless vocal and a commanding stage presence from start to finish. She even had all the sass and passion the song demanded, making us even more certain she’s a pro who’s been at this awhile.

Guesses: The clues said she’s been at whatever she does since she was a teenager, juggling school with her burgeoning career. But she was determined to come back for her graduation. She also emphasized that she’s always had faith, suggesting a strong religious background.

Somehow she also revealed that she’s a bundle of nerves about her voice and singing, which just goes to prove how hard it can be to believe yourself great at something everyone else can easily see.

Her clue suggested a connection with Jenny, who she says has said her name often on her radio show. Jenny saw a broken heart in the package which made her think of Toni Braxton, while Nicole thought the astronomy A+ only confirmed her Taraji P. Henson guess, because of her role in “Hidden Figures.”

Even Night Angel had to laugh at Will’s Mayim Bialik guess, but at least he was trying. When he reversed course to Janet Jackson, well that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, Twitter is standing by their guess that this is Kandi Burruss, and we’re thinking they’re right.

Night Angel said that she still struggles from confidence when she performs therefore she wears the night angel mask as an Xscape from her self-confidence issues! See what I did there! #TheMaskedSinger

— Charles Reyes (@yegcharles) March 26, 2020


— Jacki’Starr Settles (@tyrastarr6) March 26, 2020

They haven’t figured out Night Angel yet??? #TheMaskedSinger

— Mary Davis (@tweeetfan) March 26, 2020


CLUES: gravity, foot, broom, lei, toolbox (hammer), crash, heart throbbing, pitch perfect, started at a young age, fresh start, circle of life, orion’s belt, bright star young overreached, balloons, alone, 500 days, sign language, french horn, friends with Stevie Wonder?, all for horses, only human, coffee, two 5s on dice, lead a crew, space cadet, nose dive in front of thousands of people, bye-bye-bye, bridge, celebrated a huge birthday with Nicole at a “mall”?,
GUESSES: Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, Lance Bass, Corey Feldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Donald Glover, Hunter Hayes, Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Astronaut struggled again with his nerves on “Shape of You.” It’s a rapid-fire delivery and he seemed intimidated by it. We’re not sure about the falsetto, but he still has such a nice, gentle tone to his voice. He’s got some singing talent, but his inconsistent confidence really makes it feel like it’s way out of his comfort zone to perform like this. If he is a pro singer, he’s been in the background and was terrified to step forward.

Guesses: Ken Jeong must have been feeling light-headed if he thought any clues — even a pair of 5s on dice — pointed to “Ten” and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. Come on, man, are you even trying?

New clues this week suggested a love horses, coffee, “bye bye bye,” a bridge and taking a header in front of thousands of people. Who’s had a famous fall? Oh, and he and Nicole celebrated a big birthday … but at a mall?

Will thought the 5s meant NSYNC members and settled onto JC Chasez, while Robin thought the bridge clue and the coffee cup both pointed at last week’s guess, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

But the Twitterverse is still stuck on this being Hunter Hayes, and they’re even trying up all the clues to him week after week. There are still some other names being thrown out, though, like Lance Bass and even Kevin Jonas.

If it is Hunter, we need to know why he’s struggling with his nerves so much? Is it because he’s doing songs a little out of his comfort zone? Is he worried the judges might trash his voice or guess he’s not a professional singer? You’d think he’d just own this.

Nicole and Hunter Hayes were at the same Capitol Fourth concert for 7/4! Astronaut is definitely Hunter! #TheMaskedSinger

— Morgan ♉️ (@MorganBerner22) March 26, 2020

When you know the Astronaut is Hunter Hayes and the judges keep guessing the wrong people. #TheMaskedSinger

— Erin Cooper (@TheCooper95) March 26, 2020

@HunterHayes is the astronaut watch this video of the astronaut singing then hunter and tell me how it’s not him. #TheMaskedSinger

— Lauren : Retweet my pinned (@WhyDontWeNJ) March 26, 2020


CLUES: Northwest, discovered by another, dozens of talented creatures, bow and arrow, sisterhood of fun and friends, U stars, destruction, OMG, only singles and doubles were left, bumblebee, diversify, one-hit wonder, occasionally parties with teddy bears, no off day, boomerangs, young, fried foods, lips, tanks
GUESSES: JoJo Siwa, Maddie Ziegler, Kourtney Kardashian, Rebecca Black, Liza Koshy, Lilly Singh, Mikaela Shiffrin

T-Rex always brings the energy, but this vocal was terrible on “Jai Ho.” What an odd song choice. We thought maybe she’d lean into her obvious dance skills, but even then she didn’t go as far into it as we hoped. Maybe the costume proved problematic. Ultimately, T-Rex was a T-Mess on this one.

Guesses: Have we mentioned this is JoJo Siwa? Oh yeah, we’ve said it ever week since she first bounded onto the stage That’s because this is JoJo Siwa, the most obvious contestant ever on this show. She just can’t hide that distinctively huge personality and physicality … or she wasn’t trying.

This week’s new clues confirmed that she’s young and featured fried foods, lips, tanks, boomerangs and talk of subscriptions and that she’s a perfectionist who doesn’t do off days. With that much energy, how could she?

Her connection with the judges was through Will, who she said she knew through his role as Lego Batman. Will followed her athleticism and discipline to Gabby Douglas, but JoJo is way taller than that.

Jenny followed the North West clue and boomerangs to JoJo Siwa’s “Boomerang” song, which is obviously the right answer. Nicole agreed, but Ken was way off with his Honey Boo Boo guess. We’re sorry, but we saw “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” and Honey Boo Boo don’t got those moves!

While we didn’t scour the entire internet, we’re going to go out on a limb and say there are literally no guesses other than JoJo Siwa out there. Becuase that’s who this is.

I am 100% guarentee that the t-rex is jojo siwa #TheMaskedSinger

— Nicholas_Sye (@NicholasSye1) March 26, 2020

I think T-Rex (JoJo) is going home. #TheMaskedSinger

— 💞Val💞 (@MolenaVal) March 26, 2020

#themaskedsinger if the T-Rex isn’t JoJo Siwa. … Idk who else has this energy.

— Yaminah (@etherealcure) March 26, 2020


CLUES: Looks tough exterior, giant, center stage, addiction, ice tea, grand ole opry, bike/ride, faith ramp, butterflies, biplane, ups and downs, south, freefalling through life, wife taught balance, stability, defied gravity, inspired to pursue other passions, cut sandwich, tennis, giant diamond, does not enjoy long walks by the water, criticism, rusted truck, surfer pal, 3 quarters, Missouri king,
GUESSES: Jason Aldean, Tim Tebow, Tim McGraw, Chris Pratt, Ryan Lochte

Rhino gave a gentle and emotional performance on Linda Ronstadt’s “Tracks of My Tears” that had the ladies on the panel and in the audience feeling it. He has a natural country tone to his voice, with a strong storytelling quality. This was a commanding performance; he knew he didn’t need to belt to draw in the crowd; which tells us he knows what he’s doing on stage and as a singer.

Guesses: His college roommate put on a surfer “dude” accent to talk about how his pal learned how to conquer the waves. Images included a crown on the state of Missouri, three quarters and a rusted-out truck, which just screams country.

His Lego clue tied him to Robin with the word “1000.” He further said they were on the same track, literally and that they think alike. Did they collaborate? But Will Ferrell? No! That guess was even worse than Ken’s David Hasselhoff guess.

Will followed a ridiculous stream of clues to conclude that maybe, just maybe, it’s him under that mask. Really, though, they have absolutely no idea who this is.

With the latest clues, Twitter suddenly started getting an inkling on Rhino, with former A’s pitcher (and more recent country music artist) Barry Zito emerging as a strong contender.

RHINO is Barry Zito, wife is former Miss. Missouri and he is on an album called “a thousand words” with Robin thicke. Clues were 1000, “on the same track as robin” and Missouri with a a crown. #TheMaskedSinger

— Garrett (@Garrett1114) March 26, 2020

3 quarters in the clue package = .75. The Rhino is Barry Zito #TheMaskedSinger #RhinoMask

— Chris (@Chris313185) March 26, 2020

Saw people guessing Barry Zito for rhino and it’s def him.. former baseball player, married to miss Missouri, sings and sounds just like rhino. No clue who he is but I think it’s him 😂😂 #themaskedsinger #maskedsinger @MaskedSingerFOX

— ❁ 𝔅 ❁ (@britneekathryn) March 26, 2020


Look, as much as Astronaut was crippled by nerves, he still managed to touch hearts. We’ve seen before that these audiences love people who touch them, and there were emotional moments from three of the four remaining contestants.

The fourth was T-Rex, who is way too wired to slow down and get emotional. Oh, and she was terrible. If there is any justice, she’ll go the way of her namesake into extinction and reveal herself to the world. We’ve already got one White Tiger in the Super Nine, tainting the elite group. We don’t need another!

The good news is that this audience both followed their hearts and got it right, because it was indeed the end of the road for T-Rex. Did we mention that this is JoJo Siwa? It has to be, right?

Jenny was standing by her JoJo Siwa guess, with Nicole backing her play because they wanted to get it right this week. Ken, the reigning king of wrong, refused to jump on board and went with Robin’s pick from last week, Liza Koshy.

But even Robin wasn’t feeling that guess anymore, instead deferring to Jenny and Nicole and juming on the JoJo train. That left Will, who settled on another much-too-short athlete, skater Tara Lipinski. Does he think Nick Cannon is 5’3″?

Oh, and when she unmasked it was of course JoJo Siwa. Of course it was!

And then the people rejoiced, because they were not looking forward to having to endure both White Tiger and T-Rex in the Super Nine … mostly because there’s no way they could have both gone home at the same time!

Next week, it’s a super-sized installment of “The Masked Singer” as we finally reach the Super Nine, Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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