The time has come to embrace change.

April starts off feeling vastly different than March or February, thanks to a fully direct Mercury. But it doesn’t take long before we realize it’s also time to put all those wonderful plans into action.

The monthly love horoscope for April 2020 begins with two conjunctions occurring between Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, which should tell us that movement isn’t just optional this month — it’s mandatory.

It’s required for all the beautiful abundance that wants to manifest in our lives. This will set the tone to feel as if we’ve reached that usually elusive right time, which will help us harness the determination we need to move forward.

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While this is great energy to start with, having Pluto and Jupiter together means we can’t be afraid to bring to light what was previously hidden. That’s because it’s the only way to move into these futures we’re dreaming of.

Adding right to the energy of the April 2020 love horoscope, in this movement we see Venus, the planet of love, move into Gemini on April 3rd. While Venus in Gemini can indicate that we may become flighty in terms of commitment and feelings, in this case, it’s letting us see different options to get to the same result.

Perhaps we need to figure out some aspects of a current or perspective relationship, in which case having the duality cerebral energy of Gemini will help us figure out the best way to move forward.

On April 7th, we celebrate the Full Moon in Libra, which will be a moon to highlight. It will also possibly bring together any relationships that have been more casual or separated.

Libra is the sign of partnerships and commitment with an emphasis on balance, so any relationships that come to fruition around this time are those where this is a true asset. This is also great energy because if we’ve been feeling like we can’t make a partnership work or are unsure how to go about working together to make it happen, this moon will be a turning point.

Just a few days after, on the 11th we see Mercury enter Aries and may notice an impulsivity within ourselves that we normally feel more in control of. Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts and communications, so in the fire sign of Aries we’re unable to hold back our feelings and ideas, which translates to a lot of conversations.

While the downside is that our filter may not be as strong as it normally is, this is also really welcome energy after being in Pisces for so long this year, which made it difficult to verbalize what we’re feeling.

On the 17th, we see a less well known but strong transit between Saturn, who is now in Aquarius, and the True Node, which represents our fate or destiny. To see these two come together signifies that sense of divine timing. And while waiting, planning and working towards our goal has had a time and place in our lives, so does seeing that the opportunity we’ve been waiting for is here, and now all we need to do is take it.

Just a few days later on the 19th, we move into Taurus season and everything feels a lot less urgent and a lot more stable, which is welcome energy. This is our breakthough because as we head into May and June, the astrology picks up and we recognize that while we prayed for this year to be different, we could never have predicted just how different it would be.

As we see multiple planets turn retrograde, including Venus next month, and near our second of four Lunar Eclipses, we’re nearing that point where nothing will ever be the same again — and we couldn’t be happier!

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April is a time for movement, but it’s not necessarily dramatic. It’s not feeling like we have to do it now or we never will be able to, but it’s taking sometimes small and quiet steps towards a goal that only we know about, and that’s okay.

The energy of Taurus season will help settle us in case old lingering thoughts step in to try to shake us. If this does, we just have to remember that we will always be tested for what we most desire, especially if it’s a part of our soul path.

Within the testing, sometimes we actually learn what we most want, and then in that process of learning those lessons we come to deserve what we’re working towards.As we move towards the New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd, we will be able to see just that.

Taurus may be an earth sign often associated with stubbornness, but it’s also one of the ruling signs of Venus (with the other being Libra). So, this month is about the love and partnerships in our lives that define it.

Taurus is a sign that wants to enjoy life, not just the love aspects, but also our homelife, our structures, and what we do to make ourselves feel good. This will be the focus for this moon. What makes you feel good? Where do you feel your best? What kind of life aligns with how you feel about yourself? These just a few of the questions that will be essential in making the most of this lunar event.

On April 25th, Pluto will turn retrograde, calling our attention back to whatever surfaced or began to break apart with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that occurred earlier in the year.

This is a time in astrology for truth, planting new seeds and embracing our darkness.

We will see big changes centered around how our ideas and perspective of power, intimacy and transformation align within our own lives. And if we’re letting ourselves be rebirthed or if we’re holding back, trying to remain someone we no longer are.

We finish out the month with Mercury moving into Taurus, which is great energy to accompany our moon and Pluto retrograde. This means that when we have conversations, we’re going to be more stable and approachable.

Not to say we won’t be passionate or determined in making all these changes, but we will also be able to breathe, feeling like no matter what 2020 has thrown at us, we’re on stable ground and ready for whatever comes next.

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Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker. As a spiritual intuitive, she practices the religion of astrology and love. For more of her work, visit her website.

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