Standing 6 ft 6 in. tall and weighing close to 300 lbs, Zion Williamson is still too small according to LaVar Ball.

In an appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, the host asked Ball if he could beat the New Orleans Pelicans rookie.

“Stop it. I’ll murder that boy. He too small…he too slow,” LaVar answered. “I’m way too fast for that boy. He’s a youngster man. My prime time I would kill him. I’m way too strong and fast.”

After joking around it, the host asked LaVar on a more serious note whether he could have Williamson during his time in Washington State.

“Well definitely,” Ball said. “If I had a different coach he’d be struggling against me. But with Kelvin Sampson? Oh, he would kill us.”

LaVar went on to express his dissatisfaction over his then coach saying he would have been better without him.

“Former coach fired? He should have been fired. After you don’t let the Big Baller play for a season? That’s when they had their worst season when I averaged 2.2 points. I only played 2.2 seconds. If I played longer, they would have been winners. But that’s on the fact that he wanted to show how tough he is and not play a stallion. You have to let a stallion loose. And that’s why their record was terrible.”

LaVar Ball was asked who would win 1 on 1 a prime LaVar Ball vs Zion

“I’ll murder that boy, he too small..”💀

— Ball Realm (@TheBallRealm) March 30, 2020

Apart from Zion Williamson, LaVar Ball also talked about his son Lozo Ball

While LaVar talked about the negative infuence of a coach on him, he was of the feeling that his son is developing himself due to the coach. Lonzo Ball is currently playing for New Orleans Pelicans along with Zion under Alvin Gentry.

“He has a coach that believes in him,” LaVar said. “You’re always under the bright lights. You’re a professional. If you scared of playing in front of bright lights, you can’t play anyway.

So the only thing that’s changed and why Lonzo’s doing so good now…is coaching. Because he’s still under bright lights and I’m still his father. The only thing that’s changed is the coach.”

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