Na-publish noong Abr 3, 2020

Hardware news discusses Intel’s thermal solution for the 10-core CPU, with silicon now shorter, and DDR5 memory production.

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In this week’s news episode, we rip on Atari for 5 minutes for its desperate, pathetic attempt at relevance by launching Atari Chain a couple years out of fad. The company continues to gut its former glory and drag-down the reputation of a once-great gaming hardware and software developer. Other news items include coverage of SK Hynix’s DDR5 specifications, including discussion of voltage changes to 1.1V rather than 1.2V and DDR5-8400 promises. GamersNexus received some exclusive information on the Intel 10-core CPU (which might be called the 10900K, but we have absolutely no idea with Intel’s naming anymore). We talk about thermals and package design for the CPU in our coverage of Intel’s upcoming mainstream desktop 10-core part for Z490. Further, Intel is retiring some of its Haswell chipsets from 2013, and finally, Intel’s 10th Gen H-series CPUs are in the news, but mostly for impossibly difficult names.

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Host, Additional Reporting: Steve Burke

Editorial: Eric Hamilton

Video: Keegan Gallick

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