Home Life PS5 Fan-Made Concept Is a Perfect Callback to a PlayStation Classic
PS5 Fan-Made Concept Is a Perfect Callback to a PlayStation Classic

PS5 Fan-Made Concept Is a Perfect Callback to a PlayStation Classic


PS5 embraces both a modern and retro feel with this fan-made concept design, with serious nostalgia for the original PlayStation.

More than a few jabs have been thrown at Microsoft about the Xbox Series X box-like design, however one thing is for certain: at least we know what it looks like. Meanwhile, Sony has stayed mum about the highly-anticipated PS5. And while everyone in the gaming scene would undoubtedly love to see what is currently happening in terms of the final design, it does give the dedicated PS5 fanbase some time to craft their own versions of what it might look like. This includes this stellar futuristic throwback design, that merges minimalism and a blast of PlayStation nostalgia.

The fanmade concept come from the dedicated PS5 community over at Reddit, where a user posted a collection of images around the concept (seen below). The most obvious design point is notably that the PS5 has the distinct look of the original PlayStation console. Ditching a space gray for a more charcoal black, the futuristic portion of the design really stems from a blue/green lightbar embedded into the front.

While the design itself is highly unlikely, I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t take the front and center spot on my entertainment system. And until we know more about the PS5 from the people over at Sony, that is all we can ask for.

And though we don’t know a ton about the design yet — that’s not to say we don’t have a good idea of what the final PS5 will be. One of the principal console architects, Mark Cerny, dedicated an hour to talking about the internal architecture, and how a newly-enhanced SSD, 3D audio, and ray tracing technology will satisfy most of the biggest demands from developers. Some people on our team are going as far as to say PS5 has already won the expandable storage war.

Other than the specs, there has been an outpouring of recent PS5 news lately — for example, that Granblue‘s producer Kimura-san noted that Granblue Fantasy Relink is still parsing out whether or not they will release on next-gen platforms. Meanwhile, Xbox Head Phil Spencer hasn’t been pulling punches, exclaiming that the Xbox Series X team is really happy about the current comparison.

The PS5 is set to launch in Holiday 2020, which seems crazy close considering how sparse information about the console has been. In any case, keep an eye on DualShockers for the latest in next-gen news.

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