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Monty Mole Expansion Set

Yesterday, it was announced LEGO would be launching its brand new Super Mario sets on 1st August. With the release date now locked in, the focus has turned towards the first batch of sets. As you might have heard, if you end up pre-ordering the 231-piece Starter Course for $59.99 / 59,99 € / £49.99 directly from the LEGO website, you’ll score a free “Monty Mole & Super Mushroom” Expansion Set. It’s a nice little bonus and we’ve now got some official photos to share and a description:

Fans can enjoy toppling Stone-Eye and launching Monty Mole while creating new challenges with this LEGO Super Mario Monty Mole & Super Mushroom Expansion Set.

The Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360), featuring the LEGO Mario figure, is required for play with this Expansion Set.

Monty Mole Expansion
Monty Mole Expansion
Monty Mole Expansion

Be sure to check out our pre-order guide for more information on the other sets. Apart from these two, there’s also the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set and a Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set. These ones wills be priced at $29.99 / 29.99€ / £24.99 and $99.99 / 99.99€ / £89.99.

What do you think of the Monty Mole Expansion Set? Does it bring back fond memories of the classic Super Mario games? Leave a comment down below.

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