Final Fantasy 7 Remake may seem straightforward and somewhat linear at first, but it’s actually a vast, mechanically-dense game that can prove overwhelming to both newcomers and returning fans of the original. We’ve created a huge number of FF7 Remake guides and walkthroughs to help you on your journey to liberate Midgar from the evil grasp of the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Below you can find links to every chapter we have up so far of our walkthrough, as well as some tips guides to aid in further refining your skills. We’ve got a lot, so look to the Table of Contents to find what you’re looking for.

Be sure to check back often as we update this roundup with even more guides in the coming days! Otherwise, read our FF7 Remake review for our full thoughts about Square Enix’s highly-anticipated RPG.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tips & Guides

Important Tips To Know Before Playing

FF7 Remake is quite a different beast from the original. Despite following similar beats, it changes up how the story progresses and how the game plays. Fortunately, we’ve put together a brief visitor’s guide detailing seven tips to help make the best use of your time in Midgar.

Essential Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You Straight Away

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8 Things Final Fantasy 7 Remake Doesn’t Tell You (Right Away)

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FF7 Remake has a lot of moving parts and, as such, carefully dishes out information as and when it’s necessary. But if you’re familiar with the franchise, or RPGs as a whole, there may be specific things you’re looking for from the outset. As a result, you’ll probably be asking a lot of questions long before the game is ready to give you answers. We don’t want you sweating the small stuff instead of enjoying the game, so here’s a bunch of spoiler-free heads-ups that’ll save you a bit of stress.

Materia Beginner’s Guide

If you’re a newcomer to FF7, then you’re likely to be somewhat confused about by its Materia system, which has you slotting special orbs to give your party special abilities. To help give clarity about this essential part of FF7’s combat system, we’ve created an explainer detailing everything you need to know.

Materia Loadout Guide

As mentioned, Materia is an integral part of FF7’s combat system. You should equip as many Materia orbs as you can early on, especially the spell and attack ability ones. But your Materia choices have consequences, since the ones you use most will become even stronger–so you might be wondering which ones are worth equipping and investing into. There are a lot of choices, so we’ve created a guide to give you some clarity to what’s worth pursuing.

Essential Materia You Might’ve Missed

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If you allow yourself to be swept up in the momentum of your mission to liberate Midgar, it can be easy to miss valuable collectibles accidentally. Some of the most important is Materia, which are colored orbs you can equip to characters to beef up their base attack skills by providing them spells, abilities, and summons. You’re not going to want to bypass all the useful Materia you can collect throughout your journey. That’s why we’ve detailed the easiest ones to miss.

Weapon Upgrade Guide: How To Best Spec Each Character

In FF7 Remake, you can customize your party’s stats and further specialize their roles in battle via the Weapon Upgrade system. This series of weapon-specific skill trees expands the more you level up your characters and increase their max SP (skill points), which eventually increases their weapon level and allows you additional skill tree nodes to further strengthen the weapons they’re using. To help you specialize your party properly early on, we’ve outlined some background on Weapon Upgrades, as well as a reliable approach to upgrading your party’s weapons during the game’s first handful of chapters.

Weapons Locations: Where To Find Every Weapon

Each character in FF7 Remake has six different weapons, and each one has its pros and cons. Some weapons are better for straight melee fighting, others amp up your magic capability, and a few carry benefits like increased critical hits and boosted defenses. Weapons and their upgrades are the avenues through which you can customize your characters and their roles in battle. But while some weapons come your way through the course of the story or are waiting for you in shops, others are in particular places that you can blow right past. Here’s how to find every weapon in the game, for every character.

Don’t Skip The Side Missions, And Here’s Why

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Why Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Side Missions Shouldn’t Be Skipped

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So you’ve been waiting 15 years for the remake of Final Fantasy 7, and you can’t wait to speed through the whole thing to satisfy that insatiable nostalgia of yours, but take a deep breath because you’re going to want to experience everything the game has to offer. Well, slow down! You shouldn’t pass up even some of the more menial side missions, and here’s why!

How to Find The Keycard During That Chapter 3 Side-Mission

When you jump into FF7’s first semi-open area, you’re likely to become confused by an early side mission called Just Flew In From The Graveyard. This relatively simple quest requires you to venture back into an abandoned factory you visited during a previous side mission. Your objective is to exterminate a single flying Drake, but the catch is you need a keycard to open a locked door leading to where it’s located. Unfrotunately, finding that key isn’t as easy as you might think, so we’ve explained how to find it, as well as how to complete the side mission.

Boss Guide: How To Defeat Every Boss (So Far)

FF7’s Remake’s complex battle system leads to a variety of exciting encounters against Shinra’s military and wild Fiends–which are demanding on occasion. But the game’s biggest challenges are its lengthy, involved boss fights, which put your understanding of its battle mechanics to the test. To ensure you’re ready to tackle every fight, we’ve compiled a walkthrough detailing how to fight many of the game’s bosses.

Summons Guide: How To Unlock Shiva, Fat Chocobo, And More

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Summons are some of the most sought-after magical spells in Final Fantasy games, and this tradition continues in FF7 Remake. They’re mostly optional and can be easy to miss when you’re not taking time to go off the beaten path of the story to find them. Check out our guide detailing how to find them all.

How To Unlock Chadley’s Secret Summon

The most powerful of Chadley’s Summon Materia is also the most difficult to get. Here’s everything you need to do to unlock the final summon and defeat it in battle. Be warned, there are spoilers in this particular guide, so proceed with caution.

Moogle Medals Explainer

As you play the early hours of FF7, you’ll likely start to rack up a decent stock of Moogle Medals as you explore the streets and slums of Midgar. You might be wondering what they do. Fortunately, we’ve got answers! Here’s everything you need to know about this weird currency.

Mini-Games Guide: All the Rewards You Get

After years and years of waiting for FF7 Remake, did you think after all this time you’d have just as much fun playing a game of Darts as shutting down Shinra? Neither did we! If you’re wondering what to expect, or more specifically, are curious about the rewards you get from FF7’s various mini-games, then look no further! We’ve got all the info you need.

What Would Suit Tifa Choices And Dress Guide

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In Chapter 3, Tifa will ask you a question that will have an effect later in the game, but it’s not clear when you’re asked how your answers will change things. Here’s what you need to access the scene with Tifa, what the answers will do, and why they matter.

How To Get Every Dress In Wall Market

When you reach Wall Market in Chapter 9, you’ll unlock a number of dresses for the party based on your actions throughout the game. How the dresses are determined isn’t super clear, and while you’ll only see a handful, there are actually nine possibilities–and seeing them all unlocks the “Dressed to the Nines” Trophy. You’ll need to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake once in order to get them all; here’s how.

Don Corneo’s Secret Stash Locations

One of the tougher side-quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake sends you wandering through the slums, searching for the hidden riches of Don Corneo. The stashes are in out-of-the-way places, and earning the key to unlock them is a whole process as well. We’ve got all the locations marked and a rundown of all the information of what you’ll need to do to open them in Chapter 14.

Secret Medicine Locations

The Chapter 14 side-mission “Secret Medicine” asks you to find a handful of ingredients to help the doctor of Sector 5 make medicine to care for the locals. Unfortunately, the things he needs are pretty hard to come by. We’ve tracked down everything you’ll need and how you can get it in our handy guide.

Music Disc Locations

The soundtrack of FF7 Remake is a standout, but in addition to the music that plays throughout the game, there are also special songs you can collect as you work your way through Midgar. These tracks are all found on music discs that can be grabbed all over the city and played at jukeboxes, and they have some of the best versions of classic FF7 tracks in the game. There are 31 music discs scattered throughout Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and while many are on the beaten path, a few are easy to miss in out-of-the-way places. We’ve got a complete rundown of where to find every single music disc in the game.

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