Over the past few days, some Valorant players have raised concerns about the fact that the game’s anti-cheat driver (vgk.sys) runs as soon as you turn on your computer. Now, Riot Games, the new first-person shooter’s developer, has published a post explaining why its anti-cheat system works that way along with an assurance that it doesn’t collect any personal information.

Riot’s anti-cheat technology loads at start-up to counter advanced cheats that run before you even fire up the game. You can uninstall the vgk.sys driver anytime, but the game won’t run without it — Riot’s client won’t recognize your PC as a trusted machine if you do. The company says it only collects data for the operation of the game, though. And, in an earlier response to a Reddit thread discussing the issue, it explained that the driver doesn’t scan anything unless the game is running.

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