The billionaire reality star was playing nature show, filming herself creep up on her unsuspecting mother in her “natural habitat.”

Kris Jenner might be looking forward to the day that self-isolation orders are lifted so that her children will go home and give her some peace. The poor woman can’t even take a nap without interruption.

Okay, if we’re being totally honest, daughter Kylie’s prank was actually pretty funny. It also totally made us want whatever that hanging bed contraption Kris has in her house is. It looks like the lightest, most comfortable sleep ever!

Certainly Kris was in a very deep sleep when her youngest daughter crept into the room like she was the host of a wild animal nature show. She slunk in slow and low, whispering into the camera in the videos she shared to her Instagram Stories.

“Guys you’re not going to believe this. I found a Kris Jenner in her natural habitat,” she said as she crossed the room to where Kris was just minding her own business and trying to get some quality shut-eye. We feel for you, Kris!

Describing this wild Kris Jenner as “very dangerous,” Kylie proved how brave she was by getting her camera up close and personal with Kris’ face. She then backed up a few steps and elicited a pair of high-pitched and rather annoying shrieks we can still hear echoing in our ears.

And yet, Kris did not immediately react, instead opening her eyes slowly. These were the eyes of a woman who has raised many children and endured much. Kylie has vastly overestimated her ability to surprise this woman.

“Are you serious?” she asked, clearly disappointed her prank had not resulted in hilarious shock and terror. “It takes you that long to wake up?”

In response, all she got was a placid, “You guys are crazy.”

It’s a phrase we’ve heard Kris use many times to her various children, and we’ve always felt it was a very kind word choice she was making in those moments as other more interesting and flavorful words were flashing in her head.

A final short clip showed Kylie again with the camera right in Kris’ face, this time going so far as to pet her mother’s face. This one ended simply with Kris silently opening her eyes. Kyie has not posted another update since.

We like to imagine that moment with a horror film soundtrack, as if it was the moment Kris had finally had enough of her children’s shenanigans and quarantine be damned, kicked them all out of her house. Imagine, Kris Jenner, all alone in peace and quiet … able to sleep in as long as she wants.

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