Fortnite’s v12.50 Update is now live, and as always, dataminers have been sifting through the patch files to find new skins, harvesting tools, gliders, and more that will be added to the game in the coming weeks.

After a relatively quiet 12.40 Update, Epic Games have dropped another patch for the game just a week later, bringing with it a new LTM called Payload, a nerf for the controversial Heavy Sniper, and some major changes to how aim assist works.

Of course, that’s not all that was included in the game’s files though, as the developers often add a bunch of cosmetic items to the battle royale which are then released to fans through the in-game Item Shop.

While Epic don’t intend for fans to see these new cosmetics until they are added to the store, dataminer Lucas7yoshi has been hard at work sifting through the files and has released the first look at all the upcoming skins on his Twitter account for us to enjoy.

Leaked Fortnite v12.50 Update skins

There are some extremely colorful characters coming to Fortnite over the next few weeks, with Vix, Envision, and Nightlife all bringing their unique styles to the game.

Players can also get their hands on spies Hugo, Sig, and Goldie, and can purchase Wild Gunner too for those who like to play the game on the edge.

Leaked Fortnite v12.50 Backbling

Thanks to the third-person nature of the game, Fortnite players spend a lot of time looking at their players back, so making sure you have a cool backbling equipped is essential.

The stand-out addition this time is the Neon Wings set, which sits off your back in shades of blue and red, while many will be big fans of the Whisker Pack backpack too.

Leaked Fortnite v12.50 Harvesting Tools and Glider

Players will be able to gather cosmetics in style, with the new Venom Blade and Purr Axes giving players new options.

There are also some new dual-wield tools, including the Butterfly Knives, Double Gold baseball bats, and the Agile Edge swords.

Leaked Fortnite v12.50 Weapon Wraps

Finally, Fortnite v12.50 includes four new Wraps for your guns, including Burning Glow which looks like lava, Neon Pulse which gives your weapon a bright green outline, Glitter Blaster, and Moo!, which will give all your guns a bovine look.

All of these leaked cosmetics should be added to the game officially in the near future, either in the in-game Item Shop for purchase or as part of rewards for upcoming challenge sets.

However, Epic Games do sometimes hold on to items for a long period of time, and on occasion never release some leaked cosmetics, so it’s highly possible that we may never see these in-game.

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