Andy Cohen
Me And Ben Want to Say …
Thank You First Responders!!!

5/2/2020 6:34 AM PT


Andy Cohen and his son Ben joined a crowd in the West Village of the Big Apple to show appreciation for the frontline saviors.

Andy was all masked up with his 14-month-old son on his shoulders as the talk show host cheered medical workers at Lenox Health Greenwich Village.

It’s become a ritual at 7 PM in New York … with residents leaning out windows, clanging pots and pans, screaming their appreciation … quite the sight. Although New York, hopefully, has seen the worst, there are still hundreds of people a day who are losing their lives from the virus.

Looks like Ben may have a new best friend.  Andy’s best bud, Anderson Cooper, just had a kid of his own — Wyatt Morgan Cooper — who was born Monday via surrogate.

It really is a moving contrast …. with all the sickness and death we’ve seen over the last month-and-a-half, there can still be joy with events like Anderson’s.

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