Joe Exotic
Legal Team Produces Video for Trump …
He’s a Victim, Not a Criminal!!!

5/8/2020 6:37 AM PT


Joe Exotic does everything big, and clearly so does his new, massive legal team, that has produced a Texas-style video asking President Trump for a pardon, saying Joe is not only NOT GUILTY of putting a hit out on Carole Baskin, but he was actually FRAMED.

The video was shot and produced in Ft. Worth, and it features the bus TMZ showed you a few days ago that is wrapped in a plea to spring Joe from the prison, where we’re told 1/3 of the inmates now have coronavirus.

The team is led by a super colorful figure — Eric Love, a P.I. who is now the Lead Investigator and Executive Manager for all things Exotic.

The video makes it clear … the legal team will attack on all fronts. They are appealing Joe’s conviction and asking Trump for a pardon. They’re also pursuing a malicious prosecution lawsuit against a bunch of folks involved in the criminal trial.

As we previously reported, there’s evidence the alleged hitman had an ax to grind … he told us his testimony against Joe was “payback” and he wishes he could have done more to hurt Joe. Those are markers of a biased witness.

There’s also this … the prosecutor in the case chose to throw in allegations Joe killed tigers. A lot of people think the prosecution’s murder-for-hire case was weak, and the prosecutor threw in tiger-killing allegations just to dirty Joe up so the jury would hate him. Joe’s legal team thinks that’s a reversible error, as well as unethical.

We’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before that bus rolls up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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