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The Miami Dolphins face the third toughest schedule this upcoming 2020 season. What could their win/loss total look like?

The full NFL schedule was released Thursday night and fans across the nation were able to start playing the infamous win/loss game to predict how well their team will do in the upcoming season. That time-honored tradition will be continued here as I explore the Miami Dolphin’s schedule and try and see how they will finish the season.

There are still so many unknowns going into this season for the Dolphins. The team spent big in free agency and plugged a lot of holes throughout the roster with the way they spent their draft capital. Yet, questions still remain as to whether or not the offensive line will gel with the new talent and how well the defense additions can help elevate that entire unit.

Regardless of those questions, I will be making my predictions for their final win/loss record based on how they look on paper. There is a lot of upside to this team, but at the moment, we don’t know how well some of our talented rookies are going to adjust to the NFL or how quickly they will adjust. All of that is being considered in these predictions.

Also, as a side note, the over/under for the Dolphins is 6.

Let’s get started!

Weeks 1-4

Week 1, September 13th @ New England

This is going to be an awesome test of how far the Dolphins have come over the course of the offseason and how far the Patriots have fallen in that same period.

New England has lost a ton of weapons throughout the offseason on both sides of the ball, with Miami scooping up a few of their defensive playmakers. That being said, Bill Belichick is still the coach of the team and it’s hard for me to doubt him until he gives me reason to do so.

That being said, with Miami’s revamped secondary and New England’s questions at quarterback, I think Miami could take another game from the Patriots at home.

Prediction: Win

Overall Record: 1-0

Week 2, September 20th vs. Buffalo

This is a bit trickier for me than the Patriots. Buffalo is coming off a good season where they made the playoffs off the backs of an improved Josh Allen and a top defensive unit.

Buffalo added Stefon Diggs this offseason and a few defensive additions in the draft that could help disrupt Miami’s offensive gameplan.

The biggest question will be whether the Dolphins can get over the hump against a team that seems to have had their number the past few seasons.

Unfortunately, I expect the Bills to be good this year and for them to take the first meeting down here in Miami

Prediction: Loss

Overall Record: 1-1

Week 3, Sept. 24th @ Jacksonville

Miami’s only primetime game comes against a team that looks just like the Dolphins did last year. Jacksonville spent the better part of the last year shipping off talented players and infuriating the rest of them. The Jaguars seem to be a bit of a mess at this point, leading me to believe the Dolphins should be able to win this one without much of an issue.

The Dolphins defense should put a bunch of pressure on Gardner Minshew II and force him to make a number of turnovers over the course of the contest. I could see this being the game where the Dolphins defense comes into it’s own

Prediction: Win

Overall Record: 2-1

Week 4, Oct. 4th vs Seattle

Week 4 marks the beginning of a pretty tough run of games for the Dolphins.

Seattle is coming off a really good season in 2019. This was a team that seemed destined to make a Super Bowl run, if they didn’t have to run into the San Francisco juggernaut twice in the year.

The Seahawks always seem to play quality defense and Russel Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks currently in the game. Miami may keep the game close, but if I’m being honest with myself, I see the Dolphins dropping their second home game.

Prediction: Loss

Overall Record: 2-2

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