When the NFL schedule was released, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had five prime-time games in a seven-week stretch. There’s one stretch in which they’ll play three prime-time games in a row.

There’s a curiosity factor with the Buccaneers they’ve never experienced before. That’s what happens when you sign Tom Brady, perhaps the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Excitement doesn’t necessarily translate to results, though many will predict big things for the Buccaneers this season with Brady and also new tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Tampa Bay doesn’t see big Tom Brady boost

Gary Gorski is the CEO and founder of Wolverine Studios, a realistic sports simulation site not affiliated with the NFL, and he ran 100 simulations of the season with the new-look Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers were better with Brady in the simulations, but still not great.

The average record for the Buccaneers in the Wolverine Studios simulations was 9-7. That is two games better than the 7-9 record of last season, but surely not what Tampa Bay is expecting this season. The simulation had Tampa Bay making the playoffs 32 percent of the time and winning the NFC South 16 percent of the time. The Bucs won the championship once in 100 simulations.

Brady’s simulated stats? He averaged 4,315 yards, 28 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in the Wolverine Studios simulation. That would be great for a 43-year-old quarterback, but apparently it wouldn’t result in a phenomenal season for the Bucs.

How much of an impact will Tom Brady have on the Buccaneers? (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

How much of an impact will Tom Brady have on the Buccaneers? (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

How good can Bucs be with Brady?

Gorski and Wolverine Studios also simulated what the 2019 season would have looked like if Brady and Jameis Winston had switched spots, which might give a little bit of insight into the value of the two quarterbacks.

The 2019 Buccaneers went 8-8 with Brady in the simulation, one game better than the actual results. The 2019 Patriots’ average record with Winston in Wolverine Studios’ simulation was 8-8, four games worse than their actual 12-4 record.

Simulations don’t ultimately matter. They’ll still play the games on the field. Hopefully. The NFL world will be waiting to see if the Buccaneers have a dream season with Tom Brady, or if the hype is misplaced.

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