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Coming to PC and consoles from Brighton UK-based indie devs Bytten Studio, Cassette Beasts is an ‘80s-flavored RPG in which players transform and fuse together creatures using the awesome power of cassette tape technology.

Creators Jay Baylis and Tom Coxon, who have previously worked on games like Stardew Valley, Wargroove, and Starbound, took inspiration from Pokémon fusion fan art in creating the creatures of Cassette Beasts. On the remote island of New Wirral, the player-created character and their NPC friends use their portal cassette players to collect and transform into 120 different monsters. Any two monsters can combine into a fused form, increasing their power and cuteness exponentially.

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Screenshot: Bytten Studio

The studio has set up a nifty fusion generator at the game’s official website where folks can select from a series of creatures to see what they become when fused together. The trailer below shows off the game’s retro aesthetic, which already has me completely smitten.

It’s still early days for Cassette Beasts. There’s no release date. Bytten Studio announced the game today in order to start building a community while seeking out funding and development partners. Between its ‘80s New Wave pop style and the intriguing concept, it’s certainly got my attention.

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