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Sammy Watkins prayed for a trade from the Bills, and his prayers were answered

Sammy Watkins prayed for a trade from the Bills, and his prayers were answered


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You may not know much about Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins. After reading Tyler Dunne’s new article for BleacherReport.com that peels back plenty of layers on who Watkins is and what he believes, you’ll know plenty.

And then you’ll ask yourself what in the hell you just read.

Watkins is complicated. He has complex and unique beliefs. From reincarnation to the ability of certain words to cast spells to the prevalence of evil spirits to a pre-pandemic prediction that a dark new world is coming, Watkins shared plenty of interesting views to Dunne.

The Bills traded up to get Watkins with the fourth pick in the 2014 draft (giving up the ninth pick in 2014, another first-round pick, and a fourth-round pick), opting not to select players like Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Evans, or Aaron Donald. The Bills surely regret that move now, for various reasons.

For starters, Watkins admitted that he partied heavily during his early days with the Bills, from drinking to smoking.

“Living fast,” Watkins told Dunne.”I would go out and get wasted. Wasted wasted.”

As a result, Watkins wasted his talents, abusing his body to the point where it abused him back, with endless injuries that kept him from fulfilling his potential.

Then came 2017. Watkins spent the offseason researching anything and everything, from geometry to biology to physics to the universe to aliens. (Watkins, by the way, believes he is an alien.) He considered quitting football. Once he showed up for training camp, he decided he wanted out of Buffalo.

Watkins told Dunne that Watkins felt only “bad energy” from coach Sean McDermott, and that Watkins believed McDermott was testing Watkins in an effort to get him to explode. He didn’t ask for a trade, but he prayed for one every night at training camp.

On August 11, Watkins got his wish, with a trade to the Rams.

He’d spend the last year of his rookie deal in L.A., before signing a lucrative three-year deal with the Chiefs. He didn’t seem to be willing to take a pay cut when speaking to Dunne in early March, but Watkins has since taken a pay cut in order to stay with the Chiefs.

Where his career goes after 2020 remains to be seen. Anyone who considers signing him surely will study Dunne’s article carefully, and undoubtedly will have some questions.

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