Na-publish noong May 14, 2020

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of its release, today Ars Technica is joined by Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Games, to share insights on the development of 2010’s influential action thriller Alan Wake. When it came time to follow up on the success of Max Payne and its sequel, Remedy had an abundance of ideas and a stable of creators eager to implement them. Years into its development cycle however, Sam and his colleagues felt the project had yet to successfully blend its influences and game mechanics into a cohesive experience. Knowing the bones of a remarkable game was present within the work of the previous three years, Remedy set out to rebuild Alan Wake. Here’s how they pulled it off, how Alan’s story continues in Remedy’s critically-acclaimed Control, and where it’s set to go with its upcoming DLC.

Directed by Justin Wolfson

Edited by Shandor Garrison

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How Alan Wake Was Rebuilt 3 Years Into Development | War Stories | Ars Technica

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