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Welcome everyone to another wonderful open thread! Come on in and chat and stuff!

SPOILER WARNING- Folks are going to probably be talking about FFVII Remake spoilers down in the comments. Just a heads up!

It took me longer than most folks, but I finally finished Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier this week. I mostly liked it a lot! This was my first Final Fantasy game. I had played an hour of XV years ago and dabbled with one of the MMO games too. I didn’t like those all that much. But I really enjoyed this remake. I didn’t get a lot of the meta-stuff going on towards the end, because I never played the original game, but everything else was nice. I liked the characters a lot too, especially Aerith and Barret. I hope nothing bad happens to Aerith! That would be a bummer.

Not sure what Final Fantasy game I should play next. I want to try another one. Was thinking about trying XV again on PC this time and turn all the settings up as high as my PC will allow. Or maybe try to get Dirge Of Cerberus working on an emulator…?

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How’s it going? Are any of you going back to work? How are your cities handling reopening? I’m worried about all this happening way too soon, but I get folks are desperate to start making money and doing stuff again.

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