An athlete’s legacy or the brand he builds around his name and game lasts a lifetime (sometimes, it lasts longer). Celebrity sportspersons earn based on this legacy for years to come, even after they retire. This applies to Green Bay Packers‘ Aaron Rodgers and everything he has done over the years to build his reputation.

Rodgers can’t be happy about having a new backup quarterback in his team now. Jordan Love’s draft seemed like a desperate move to allow for an eventual (and smooth) transition to a younger #1 quarterback. Head Coach for the Packers, Matt LaFleur, while chatting with ESPN, stated that he hopes his team can make more explosive plays.

What makes up Aaron Rodgers Legacy?

Analyst Colin Cowherd believes that it is Aaron Rodgers’s legacy lies in his efficiency. “He is smart enough; he knows that he can only control that legacy mostly while he plays“, said the sports anchor. Aaron is an elite quarterback and the rest of the Packers’ offense is efficient, “but they can’t make big plays.

With Jordan Love’s arrival at the Green Bay, Aaron is “protecting his legacy; he is not elevating it.” The victory against Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLV is perhaps the best justification of why Rodgers is considered amongst to be one of the elites. He may not be as methodical as the likes of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but he certainly is something. NFL Media’s Mark Kriegel defined him as a “mere perfect synthesis of old school and new, physical but cerebral, athletic but precise.

With that said, Rodgers is now 36 and may be heading into the twilight of his football career. He may not need another Lombardi to prove his worth, but he still has it in him. Yet we would expect someone as brilliant as Rodgers to lead his team to numerous Super Bowl but sometimes, all your stars don’t line up. He has been playing fantastically, perhaps, just not as fantastically as would be needed to bring home the Trophy.

Jordan Love wasn’t drafted for being efficient like Rodgers. He was drafted because he is a young gunslinger who takes risks. And perhaps, it is these risks that Aaron Rodgers didn’t (or couldn’t) take that made him so desirable to the scouts at the Bay.

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