Destiny 2

Destiny 2


Bungie is back on the promotional train for Destiny 2 after about a week of silence. A teaser leaked earlier promising a reveal of the fall expansion next week, but it was quickly deleted and never reappeared.

That teaser is still not live, but rather a new one has just debuted today. And it’s a real teaser, not another “spooky Pyramid sounds” thing like we had a week ago.

The new spot shows The Drifter leaving a docking bay in a ship and heading toward Europa.

It’s not much, but it does confirm that he will be a part of this fall’s expansion, giving him a role for the first time in about a year when he had an (unfortunately bad) season all to himself.

It does make sense that The Drifter would join Eris on Europa to further investigate the Darkness. If you go into his lore, there’s a whole experience where him and his (now dead) crew found a remote ice planet (it was not Europa, it was outside the system) that suppressed their light and everyone died there except him, where he kept being revived by his ghost even after starving and freezing to death multiple times. He and Eris have the most experience with the Darkness to date, and he’s a great character that I am happy to see return here. And his involvement makes me wonder if The Nine could show up too, given his connection to them.

While the last teaser showing the Pyramid threat, Europa and Eris all lined up with a 4chan leak from a long time ago, the Drifter showing up does not. That leak said that the main characters of the expansion would be Eris, Calus and Mara Sov, and made no mention of The Drifter. As ever, I think that leak was mostly just guessing, though I suppose we could see more teasers with more characters to come.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2


This also confirms what I suspected that despite recent real-world events, Bungie is indeed going ahead with the June 9 reveal an hour before the next season launches, and that season is not being delayed. Bungie has made clear their commitment to racial justice and Black Lives Matter pretty plainly, but I suspect the way Destiny is designed, delaying a full season with events already programmed and set in motion is not really easy or possible the way it might be with say, Fortnite.

This teaser being about the fall expansion, not next season, would also seem to indicate we will be hearing nothing or next to nothing about the events of season 11, which is the three months before this expansion launches. There is no doubt a reason the big reveal is an hour before the new season launches, as I expect something to happen then and it to be tied to what’s shown there.

This current season still has the Almighty to deal with, but I expect that to be resolved this weekend. We still have tomorrow’s TWAB and it’s possible we may get some seasonal info there. I am not expecting a trailer or roadmap before launch, however. But we’ll see.

Exciting times.

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