The PS5 final design might resemble the PS5 V-shaped devkit. (Image source: fan-made via NeoGAF)
The PS5 final design might resemble the PS5 V-shaped devkit. (Image source: fan-made via NeoGAF)

A utility patent file revealing the PS5 devkit’s cooling system has been published by WIPO. The patent shows the devkit has “a plurality of cooling fans” to help it deal with the heat from the AMD Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU. The multiple drawings and explanations prove that Sony was taking care of potential PlayStation 5 heating issues from an early stage.

WIPO has published a file labeled “Electronic device” that was originally filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment on November 29, 2019. The patent describes and demonstrates the cooling solution utility for the PS5 devkit, as opposed to revealing any previously unknown PS5 design. The familiar V-shaped console features in the technical drawings, where air flow and heat dissipation are clearly depicted.

The PS5 devkit utilizes “a plurality of cooling fans” that direct the air to the heat sink. The air passes through that component and then “through the power supply unit” before being discharged to the exterior. The cooling fans can be clearly seen in one of the drawings (see below), and just from that point it can be deduced that Sony had potential heating issues high on the list of things to deal with during the development phase in regard to the PS5.

Considering the presence of an 8-core Zen 2 CPU and 10.28 TFLOP-capable RDNA 2 GPU from AMD in the PS5 console, it’s hardly surprising that an efficient cooling solution was always going to be a pre-requisite. Recent rumors about the next-gen console have stated that such a cooling system was already in place, although an older post about the PS5 led many to wonder if Sony was struggling with keeping the PS5’s heating under control – to the point that some even believed a console redesign was on the cards.

This PS5 devkit cooling solution patent now proves that Sony was on top of the potentially problematic issue for a long time, and it gives some credence to the “leak” that the final PS5 design will be of a “thick” console, to contain all the necessary parts that make up the efficient cooling system. However, even if the retail PS5 console does end up resembling the devkit, it’s hardly the worst design ever created, and it will be the price, games (and exclusive titles), and backwards compatibility that really matter the most to fans.

Daniel R Deakin, 2020-06- 4 (Update: 2020-06- 4)

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