Harking back on what was revealed at the EA Play event, we learned that Nintendo Switch is going to be graced by some much-awaited games. We are already aware of the fact that Apex Legends will join the Switch family. 

Luckily, Burnout Paradise, Lost In Random, and FIFA 21 was on that list too. However, our anxious minds kept thinking which games would be revealed in the next 12 months.

What surfaced from Jeff Grubb, was a list of games which he thinks will follow up. The community invests its absolute faith in him when it comes to gaming news. Thus, we can rest assured that these games would definitely be available for Switch in the next three months. 

There is, however, another upset. Several members of the community wanted games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Sims 4. 

EA games for Nintendo Switch in the next 12 months


– EA Original from Velan Studios (former Vicarious Visions folks)

– Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

– Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

— talkin’ bout Grubbsnax (@JeffGrubb) June 22, 2020

While this was a little disappointing, but all we can do is wait. The popularity of these three games will definitely convince EA to facilitate things in the future. Sims is one of the games which everyone loves playing. To see a game like Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville being chosen over it is difficult to digest. 

Nevertheless, Grubb confirmed that the following games would be available. “EA Original from Velan Studios (former Vicarious Visions folks) Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville”

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Ambivalent news for Switch community

Definitely not the games I wanted (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) but hey, objectively Need for Speed is a big get for Switch and I’m surprised they’re porting the most recent Plants vs Zombies using Frostbite => EA is reallym aking efforts there.

Kudos EA!https://t.co/CIVkmJ8nL4

— 🎶 Ezereal 🎶 (@So_Ethereal) June 22, 2020

Getting back on the previous issue, the Switch community was looking forward to something special this time from EA. Considering the fact that games like Apex Legends, FIFA 21, NFS is coming, one might say that its fair enough. However, when we think about it, Plants vs. Zombies is not really that sought after, and Hot Pursuit is just getting remastered. 

Hot Persuit would be nice but it’s not what I’m looking for pic.twitter.com/hYxiduC97s

— Shawn (@Shawn_on_Games) June 22, 2020

So in terms of fresh or brand new – it looks quite debatable. Nevertheless, no beginning is small, and this might pave the way for the other games to come in soon. We can make an assumption that EA will consider the community response and act swiftly with games like Sims 4 or Dragon Age. For now, what are your thoughts about the seven games coming to Nintendo Switch?

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