Modern Warfare players will have some other goodies to check out. There’s a fresh multiplayer map, Cheshire Park, and the return of an old Call of Duty game mode, Team Defender. The latter’s a spin on Capture the Flag, in which flag carriers earn points while they hold onto the objective. You’ll find more bundles in the store as well, including new operator Roze. 

The update will arrive just a couple of weeks after Season Four started. It’ll go live tonight at 11 PM PT (2 AM ET).

You’ll need plenty of free storage space to install it, however: it’ll measure between 22-36 GB, depending on whether you have Modern Warfare installed or just Warzone, with a secondary download of about 3.5 GB for console players. After you update, the total install size for Modern Warfare will be slightly larger, and that of Warzone will be a bit smaller.

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