OSU’s Chuba Hubbard
Shuts Down Twitter
… After Calling Out D.A.

7/21/2020 2:54 PM PT

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Oklahoma State football star Chuba Hubbard says he’s shutting down his Twitter account after receiving backlash for calling out Oklahoma County’s district attorney … but the RB insists he’ll still continue to use his platform to push for social justice.

21-year-old Hubbard — one of the best college tailbacks in the country — called for D.A. David Prater to resign on Monday after he claimed the guy “overstepped his position.”

Hubbard, along with many others in Oklahoma, is upset with Prater — they believe Prater should have levied charges against cops who killed 17-year-old Isaiah Lewis in a tragic arrest attempt back in 2019.

But, when Prater cleared the officers, people protested … and when the demonstrators were eventually arrested for expressing their outrage, Prater’s office hit them with terrorism charges.

This didn’t fly well with Hubbard, who fired off a series of tweets criticizing the guy for the moves.

“OK County District Attorney David Prater is abusing his power as an elected official to charge demonstrators exercising the First Amendment with terrorism and ONE MILLION dollar bail,” Hubbard said. “This is UNACCEPTABLE.”

But, Hubbard’s tweets were met with heavy backlash on the popular app … and on Tuesday, Chuba said he was doing away with his Twitter account so people didn’t have an avenue to release their hate on him.

Peace be with you all 🖤 pic.twitter.com/u5leqHVfao

— Chuba Hubbard (@Hubbard_RMN) July 21, 2020

“I have never incited or promoted violence or hate,” Hubbard said. “All I’ve done is voice my opinion on issues I feel are not ethical! I love all! Even those that don’t see eye to eye with me!”

“I will continue to play football at the highest level! That won’t ever stop! But I also won’t stop pushing for what I feel is right!!!! With that being said.. I have noticed my social media has become a playground for hate.. That’s the last thing I ever wanted to happen!”

Hubbard continued, “You will hear me.. You will see me.. You will feel me!!! But not on twitter or any other socials until further notice! All love Chuba RMN”

Chuba has been one of the most vocal athletes in the fight for social justice following George Floyd‘s death … he was the one who famously forced OSU coach Mike Gundy to apologize last month for wearing an OAN shirt.

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