Surface Pro X eye contact


Because the software depends on Microsoft’s custom silicon, it’s unclear if the company will make the feature available on x86-based PCs. That said, Microsoft is not the only company working on this type of functionality. With the iOS 13 betas, Apple started testing a similar FaceTime Attention Correction feature. The company ultimately shelved the feature before releasing the operating system to the public. However, as The Verge notes, Attention Correction is one of the enhancements Apple says iOS 14 will include when it comes out later this year. 

If you don’t own a Surface Pro X, there’s still a good reason to check out the latest Windows 10 preview build. The update includes a nifty tweak to how the Alt + Tab shortcut works. By default, pressing the two keys will let you see all of your browser tabs alongside open app windows. If having the option to switch between all your tabs at once is jarring, you can tweak the feature to show only your most recent three or five tabs instead, or none at all. 

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