Another sign of its impending introduction has been

posted on YouTube by MSPoweruser. The Surface Duo showed up on a video teaser for The Shiproom; Hosted by Brad Anderson, the Corporate Vice President of the Commercial Management Experiences team at Microsoft, the show follows Anderson as he talks with the world’s most successful companies “to learn how they navigate the modern workplace, use technology to compete, and have digitally transformed.”

During the teaser, Anderson is using the Surface Duo to change the virtual backdrop using the phone and a green screen. He even changes the clothes worn by Executive Producer Ben Hawken. While Anderson wasn’t promoting the Duo per se and was merely discussing an app that allows him to control what is seen in the background, all eyes should be on the device.

Based on the latest rumors, the Surface Duo is equipped with a pair of 5.6-inch AMOLED displays carrying a 1350 x 1800 resolution. When the screens are open at a 180-degree angle, they create an 8.3-inch tablet-sized display with a hinge down the middle. Despite the hinge, Google has worked with Microsoft to make its apps flow from one screen to the other allowing for special features to be offered to some of Google’s Android apps.

We expect the Surface Duo to be driven by the Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform. The chipset will be paired with 6GB of memory along with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB of storage. The Duo will reportedly feature a single 11MP camera and a 3460mAh capacity battery. Android 10 will be pre-installed with an update to Android 11 coming just weeks after the launch. No 5G on this one guys, but the hinge is said to be “revolutionary” (by Microsoft). We could see AT&T get the first crack at selling the phone.


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