Ford already sells multiple Shelby versions of the Mustang. But in case those don’t satisfy your Shelby needs, Shelby American just announced Carroll Shelby Signature Edition versions of the GT350, GT350R, and GT500.

The company claims that the GT500 Carroll Shelby Signature Edition—or GT500SE—will make “800 plus” horsepower, touting a 40-hp gain of the 760-hp base car. This comes courtesy of a bigger supercharger pulley, upgraded cooling, and performance half shafts. The suspension, sway bars, and wheel studs also get updates to cope with the extra twist. On the outside, you get a special vented carbon hood, Shelby stripes and badging, and Shelby-branded hood locks. A wide-body kit is optional, while every GT500SE comes with updated seats and a commemorative dash plate.

shelby american gt500se

Shelby American

The GT350SE and GT350RSe both get the same upgrades, with no added power. Instead, they gets new springs, sway bars, camber plates, and “performance spec tires.” Cosmetically, GT350SEs come with Shelby badging, striping, and a new Shelby tail panel. The leather seats are recovered and a dash plate notes your car’s significance. You’ll also be able to get a special carbon fiber hood and a wide-body kit, but they’re optional extras.

These special editions don’t come cheap and they won’t be common sights. The GT350 and GT350R upgrades cost $9995 plus the donor vehicle and will be limited to 100 vehicles. The GT500SE package goes for $29,995 plus a GT500, putting the total price for a base GT500SE at just over $100,000. Only 100 will be made.

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