The 2020 college football season appears to be crumbling before our very eyes. Power Five conference commissioners held a meeting Sunday to address the viability of playing football in the fall and there will be another meeting Monday. CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd reported Sunday that the Big Ten is ready to postpone its fall season and gauge the interest of the other four power conferences.

Some of the sport’s biggest stars are speaking up in an effort to save the season, channeling the NFL players’ #WeWantToPlay movement. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence explained his position in a three-post Twitter thread.

“People are at just as much, if not more risk, if we don’t play,” the junior signal-caller wrote. “Players will all be sent home to their own communities where social distancing is highly unlikely and medical care and expenses will be placed on the families if they were to contract COVID-19. Not to mention the players coming from situations that are not good for them/ their future and having to go back to that. Football is a safe haven for so many people.

“We are more likely to get the virus in everyday life than playing football. Having a season also incentivizes players being safe and taking all of the right precautions to try to avoid contracting covid because the season/ teammates safety is on the line. Without the season, as we’ve seen already, people will not social distance or wear masks and take the proper precautions.”

The game’s other monster star, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, added his thoughts as well.

Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book also joined in on the #WeWantToPlay hashtag.

Amari Rodgers, K.J. Henry and James Skalski — three of Lawrence’s teammates at Clemson, joined in with the #WeWantToPlay movement.

Several other players tweeted their desire to have the 2020 season played including North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell.

Florida running back Lorenzo Lingard will live in a bubble if he can.

Texas A&M defensive back Jaylon Jones chimed in.

Florida State defensive back Jaiden Lars-Woodbey will even sign a liability form.

While the Big Ten is reportedly the conference that is starting the domino effect in the Power Five, its players and their parents aren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of postponing the season. Dr. Corey Teague, father of Ohio State star running back Master Teague, tweeted a letter on behalf of the Football Parents Association at Ohio State (FPAOS). 

“As parents, we strongly believe. our sons want to play the upcoming season and have the full trust of the university and coaching staff long with medical experts have found a safe way for that to occur,” the letter said. “We believe that this age group represents some of the healthiest individuals, while we recognize the risk can’t be eliminated, we believe the risk is minimal and the season can safely and responsibly occur.”

Players from the Big Ten and Pac-12 have formed groups to demand reforms to benefit the health, well-being and financial stability of student-athletes. That is just the latest item in a offseason that has shown players that they have the ability to enact change and make their voices heard on a variety of issues. If they’re successful, the members of the #WeWantToPlay movement could be seen as the people who saved the college football season.

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