In answering his phone, perhaps anticipating the call, the NHL scout from version 1.0 of our playoff Predictions Unplugged joked: “Are you calling me to congratulate me on my first round?”

Hockey people are nothing if not good-natured. And all things considered — the fact that we polled this panel back in June before we were even sure there would be games, plus the number of upsets — the scout’s 4-4 record during the play-in round wasn’t so bad.

“It was OK,” he said.

If you missed the first version, we asked an NHL scout, coach and executive to pick the winners in each of the play-in series to come up with a consensus on who would advance. Overall, the consensus had a record of 4-4, with the best pick being the prediction that the Arizona Coyotes would upset the Nashville Predators. Nobody picked the Canadiens over the Penguins. Or the Blackhawks over the Oilers. But this is 2020, where getting half right…

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