One lucky GTA Online player manages to eject from their crashing fighter jet just in time to avoid a fiery death in the middle of the ocean.

GTA Online Fighter Jet

One Grand Theft Auto Online player managed to crash land his fighter jet without a scratch thanks to a well-timed ejection. Rockstar’s open-world MMO sandbox has no shortage of vehicular hijacks and mayhem, as evidenced by the countless online videos of fans damaging Los Santos’s wide variety of very expensive rides since the game first launched in 2013.

Such antics include midair jetplane heists and recreations of the iconic crash scene from the climax of the 2006 Pixar film Cars within the framework of GTA Online. Other players have pulled off insane stunts using the game’s Oppressor Mk1 motorcycle or teaming up to run fighter jets through the Fort Zancudo Tunnel two at a time. Now, one aspiring daredevil has turned a potential disaster into the latest of these visually impressive displays of vehicular skill, barely surviving to tell the tale.                               

Yesterday, Reddit user u/Viboxing posted a video to the GTA Online subreddit showing how they miraculously survived a fiery jet plane crash by ejecting at the last possible second. In the brief video, they are shown flying over an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean when their Jobuilt P-996 LAZER jet suddenly experiences engine failure. Descending toward the aircraft carrier rapidly, u/Viboxing manages to eject from the plane just as it explodes upon touchdown, banged up from hitting the runway shortly afterward but otherwise unharmed. Check it out in the Reddit post below:

Grand Theft Auto Online has seen a wild and successful 2020 so far, thanks to a combination of such factors as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forcing home-stuck players to seek excitement in a virtual space and a free offer of Grand Theft Auto V on the Epic Games Store back in May, which broke the online servers moments upon its launch. Helping this buzz were several high-profile special events over the past few months, like an out-of-this-world alien gang war that was sparked over social media and saw players fighting it out dressed as brightly colored extraterrestrials.           

U/Viboxing’s daring fighter jet crash is just another example of how anything can happen in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online, which in turn is a major reason why the game enjoys such a large and dedicated fanbase. Said fanbase will surely continue to grow given how both Grand Theft Auto V and its online component will be ported to the next generation of consoles at some point in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, players will keep on defying fate in the wide-open sandbox of Los Santos, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Source: Viboxing


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