The Dell XPS 13 2021 could be just an internal refresh. (Image source: @h0x0d)
The Dell XPS 13 2021 could be just an internal refresh. (Image source: @h0x0d)

The first details about the next Dell XPS 13 have leaked, but you may struggle to tell the device apart from the XPS 13 9300. Spotted in an Intel Tiger Lake promo video, the next XPS 13 will retain the design of Dell’s current ultrabook while dialing up CPU and GPU performance.

The Intel Tiger Lake architecture is almost upon us, with several OEMs having already announced their next-generation laptops. Dell has not done so, but a leaked Tiger Lake product video suggests that the company has a new XPS 13 in development. The video was leaked by WalkingCat, who tweeted what we presume will be one of Intel’s first adverts for the Tiger Lake architecture.

The video does not mention the laptop by name, with the focus placed on its Intel Core i7 Tiger Lake processor and Iris Xe Graphics, instead. However, the laptop is unmistakably an XPS 13. The tiny bezels, black carbon fibre keyboard deck and silver body are all in keeping with the current XPS series, while the laptop’s footprint point to it being the XPS 13 rather than its larger siblings.

The video also confirms that the next XPS 13 will retain the same design as the XPS 13 9300. Hence, any changes that Dell has made will be internal, not external. So, the next XPS 13 should offer improved performance over the XPS 13 9300, but it is unclear when Dell will unveil its Tiger Lake ultrabook. One thing that is for sure is the inclusion of Thunderbolt 4. We have covered the changes for Thunderbolt 4 in a separate article, for reference.

The company announced the XPS 13 9300 in January at CES 2020, a year after it unveiled the XPS 13 9380. So, a safe bet for the arrival of a new XPS 13 would be early January 2021. Dell could be planning an earlier launch date than that, especially since this advert has already been created, but the company does seem to favour announcing XPS 13 refreshes at CES.

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Alex Alderson, 2020-08-31 (Update: 2020-08-31)

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