Even as Cincinnati Reds broadcasters try to peg the Chicago Cubs as the bad guys, Major League Baseball didn’t see it that way.

Following Saturday night’s extracurriculars, which saw several Reds come out onto the field to beef, which in turn cleared the benches, MLB handed down some fines and suspensions. Cubs catching coach Mike Borzello, who is awesome, appears to have been among the “chirpers” on the bench, which got him a one-game suspension and a fine. On the Reds, Manager David Bell, outfielder Jesse Winker, and first baseman Joey Votto got hit. Winker’s one-game suspension is a pretty big deal, given that he’s been the best player in the NL this year.

You’ll note that Anthony Rizzo, who was at the center of the Reds’ apparent frustration (even though HE’S the guy who got thrown at), received no punishment from MLB. You know, because he didn’t do anything wrong.

The MLB release:

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