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Posted By: Ryan Satin
September 5, 2020

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara almost ended early at All Out after the two wrestlers overshot the landing on a fall from high above causing Hardy to hit the concrete hard.

Hardy and Guevara began their Broken Rules Match in the area near the football field and soon made their way to a scaffold. The AEW stars fought atop the the scaffold until Sammy speared Matt off of it launching them toward a table on the ground.

Unfortunately, they overshot the landing and Matt landed hard on his back and head.

He was then unable to walk and fell multiple times while attempting to stand. The match was called off at this point and the two wrestlers were pulled apart. 

Moments later, however, the match resumed allowing Matt and Sammy to do the finish which saw Sammy fall from a high tower through a table.

Sources tell us this specific spot was run through twice prior to tonight’s show, one of which included an insured stunt person supervising. 

The extent of injuries suffered are not known at this time. 

Pro Wrestling Sheet has also confirmed Hardy was taken to the hospital after the match.

During the post-All Out media scrum, Tony Khan gave an update saying it looks like Matt will be ok. He also explained why he let Hardy continue with the match after the scary fall.

Here’s the video of Matt Hardy hitting his head on the concrete at #AEWAllOut

— Ryan Satin (@ryansatin) September 6, 2020

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