New information surfaces in support of Final Fantasy 16 being unveiled at the next PlayStation 5 showcase, leaving many fans very excited.

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It’s been roughly four years since the previous installment in the primary Final Fantasy series was released and while fans of the series enjoyed the game, it made numerous fans rather curious as to when they could expect the next entry. For how beloved Final Fantasy ultimately is, the development time of each game is quite long. Though, new information suggests that fans of the series can expect good news rather soon.

As previously mentioned, mainline Final Fantasy games tend to take a long time to develop. In fact, the most recent non-remake entry, Final Fantasy 15, took approximately ten years to develop before finally being released. However, this trend of long periods of development time does not appear to be the case with Final Fantasy 16.

Back in late August, it was discovered that an official Twitter account for Final Fantasy 16 was created, which led many fans to believe that an announcement was inevitable. Ultimately, no other proof was presented to further corroborate this theory. Until a certain influential developer made an interesting retweet.

Shinji Hashimoto is a member of Square Enix and serves as the current Brand Manager for Final Fantasy as a whole. Earlier today, Hashimoto retweeted announcements of the upcoming PS5 showcase happening later in September. According to fans, Hashimoto typically doesn’t do this unless he is directly related to some big project, which could indicate that something Final Fantasy related could be shown off during the showcase.

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Having said all this, it is important to note that not only is all of this mere speculation at this time, but also consider that just because a new mainline Final Fantasy game is announced, doesn’t necessarily mean it will release in a timely manner. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced back in 2015 after many years of development and was delayed again and again before finally releasing back in April of this year. Thus, even if Final Fantasy 16 is announced, that doesn’t guarantee a swift release date.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what games are unveiled during the upcoming PlayStation event. The new showcase will feature additional details regarding the games shown during the PlayStation 5 reveal event, as well as unveil new games exclusively for PlayStation 5. With any luck and if any of this speculation is to be believed, then hopefully Final Fantasy 16 will be among the list of new games shown during the upcoming showcase.

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