Everyone knows about marketing, but not everyone knows about digital marketing, this term is becoming a common thing along with the rapid development of technology. Every change must be followed or eroded by the change itself, the proverb is perhaps the most suitable to describe this situation. Nowadays everyone is forced in a good sense to use digital marketing to market their products or services through the internet.
Apart from being cheaper, its effectiveness is also better than conventional marketing. Therefore, all of us, especially IT activists, need to know and use digital marketing in our daily lives. In the past, placing the best advertisements in newspapers, magazines, billboards and other physical advertisements. Now all that has turned into online advertising that reaches more people and across countries. For example, we can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google, social media influencers and so on which are much more practical, cheap and effective.
Therefore, the Digital Marketer profession is also increasingly in the current job market, with a flexible work environment, digital marketers can place online advertisements anywhere, anytime and for anyone.

Author Dendy Setiawan


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