These three words are often heard, especially by environmental activists, waste should be recycled so that it can be reused in the end it will reduce the population of waste which is increasingly worrying day by day. We often see the slogan in the form of a symbol / logo in packages, especially those made of plastic, which means that the packaging can be reused repeatedly.

Many countries have become increasingly aware of the dangers of waste which is increasing every day, thanks to the increasing consumption of people which results in the high amount of waste they dispose of. They competed to build a waste processing plant and intensified programs to reduce the use of plastic bags. Regardless of the success or failure of this program, it indicates that environmental awareness like this is expected to be able to slightly reduce the existing waste.

 industrial sectors are also racking their brains to turn waste into useful goods/products, for example, printed into charcoal substitutes, processed into clothing fibers and so on. For that, let’s start from ourselves to manage waste properly with the hope that many people also think and act like us.

Writer Dendy Setiawan


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