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High School in Jakarta lyrics oleh Nicole Zefanya
High School in Jakarta lyrics oleh Nicole Zefanya

I'm petty and say, "Call me when you're not unstable"

I lie and tell you I'll be getting drunk at Rachel's

I wasn't, she doesn't even drink

But I couldn't have you sit there and think

That you're better 'cause you're older

Are you better now that we're older?

High school in Jakarta, sorta modern Sparta

Had no chance against the teenage suburban armadas

We were a sonata, thanks to tight-lipped fathers

Yeah, livin' under that was hard, but I loved you harder

High school in Jakarta, a comedy drama

I still hate you for makin' me wish I came out smarter

You love-hate your mother, so do I

Could've ended different, then again

We went to high school in Jakarta


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