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- Selasa, 31 Januari 2023 | 14:32 WIB
High School in Jakarta lyrics oleh Nicole Zefanya
High School in Jakarta lyrics oleh Nicole Zefanya

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Natasha's movin' to New York (New York)

Probably sometime in August (ah)

And I'm spendin' the summer in Singapore (ah)

I'm so sad I can't tell you shit anymore

I made friends with Abby this year (this is how I met your mom) (oh, my God)

We're movin' in in March or so

And although you bring me to tears

I'm glad that we gave it a go

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High school in Jakarta, American summer

Had no chance against the Marxist girl with marijuana

I was your pinata, she was a star-charter

Glad she gave it to you real hard, but I loved you harder

High school in Jakarta, I won't, but I wanna


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